Black standards white standards!

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

So I just read an article about how black and brown people who try to give people who are under-represented and often don’t even get to have a voice are just as bad as the racist.

I’ve read many articles that bend over backward to make any kind of equation to black and brown people making spaces for themselves as racist


because it “excludes” white people.

In this article written by a white man, of course, he tries to make the link that black and brown people shouldn’t go out of their way to give opportunities to other black and brown people because it will come at the expense of white people.

At the beginning of the article, he opens with the mayor of Chicago (who is a black woman and gay) deciding that for once, a single time she will have a one on one interview with only black and brown reporters.

How dare she!

This outraged this man so much it led him to try to make the mayor out to be racist. Racism is going on here alright, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the mayor who is the racist.

He goes on to mention other agreements that he stretches to try to make what black people are doing to level the playing field just a bit into the same thing that this country has done to the ancestors of these same individuals.

But also I’m tired of middle-of-the-road white people casually using the word racist to argue their idiotic points. This is what they do, they slowly erode the meaning of the word by using it to make stupid arguments. Taking away its power.

The fact that people like this look at a black person creating black spaces and doing just the slightest bit to elevate black and brown people as taking away an opportunity from a white person tells you how much work needs to be done in America to actually achieve some measure of equality.

These people would look at black people sticking together as bad, because in their minds if everything doesn’t include white people that is inherently bad.

Let me be as clear as daylight, a black man or woman carving an opportunity for an individual that looks like them is not racist in any sense of the word. We do not normally get those opportunities without this kind of push.

The fact that I had to write those words is deeply troubling!

Now I don’t know the politics of this individual and I don’t care. The reason I don’t care is I know people on both sides and in the middle that think like this.

He makes some other arguments too but to be honest every argument he tries to make can be interpreted as bad if you twist yourself far enough. And that’s exactly what he has done.

People like this will invite their black neighbors to the cookout and greet them. They will be nice to their faces and appear to support the cause, but behind their backs, they hold these kinds of thoughts.

At every turn, we get reminded that black people are held to different standards than white people. Imagine black people being called racist because they want more diversity especially in areas of extreme underrepresentation. Imagine that. What a world we live in, up is down, and down is up.

This is why black people shouldn’t worry about what anyone says because there will always be someone who will do anything to stop that progress at any cause. Even trying to use the world racist against.

We just need to do what needs to be done.

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